Wine in Mexican Restaurants: The Time is Right

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Great Article - Our Passion is Mexican Wines Too!

I just found your article as I was doing more research on Mexican wine. We live in Los Cabos (our website is and we spend much of our content on profiling great Mexican wines. We are super passionate about the great wines coming out of Mexico - from the Baja as well as the central and northern regions of Mexico. Interestingly, Los Cabos being a predominate US tourist destination we find that many of the restaurants here carry an extremely limited selection of Mexican wine. Most of the concentration is on California wines This is disappointing to us and we are on a mission to promote and educate tourists in Cabo about the delight that is Mexican wines. This article gives me hope and encouragement to keep pursuing our passion and promoting these wines, especially as you state from the smaller wine growers of the area.
All the best!

Natalie more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you - we couldn't agree more about how great Mexican wines are. Good luck in your work in expanding their popularity! more than 2 years ago

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