Recipe for salsa made with avocados, mangos, pineapple and papaya Read more


Recipe for dip or salad dressing featuring pumpkin seeds (pepitas) Read more

La Victoria Roasted Salsa Verde

Get the made-from-scratch quality withoutthe labor! Featuring the tangy, citrusy, smoky taste of tomatillos harvested at the peak of perfection and fire roasted, La Victoria Roasted Salsa Verde is sure to please the most demanding taste buds. This so Read more

Sep 11, 2018 10:31 PM New Latin Foodservice Products

Recipe for tacos made with shrimp marinated in lime juice Read more


Many Mexican restaurants make their own salsas, but few of them create a version so good that it finds its way to other restaurants. That’s the path of La Primavera Salsa, created by the late Don Luis Salazar, owner of Don Luis Restaurant in Billings Read more

Recipe for waffles and eggs with mango salsa Read more


  • Chiles Rellenos con Quinoa

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