We love getting photos from the winners of our three contests: Manager of the Year, Independent Mexican/Latin Restaurant Owner of the Year, and Cocktail Recipe (all generously sponsored by Jarritos). Check out this gallery of 2021 winners! Read more

En Henry J's Taco House, en Des Moines, Iowa, la copropietaria, Linda Rivas, dice que muchos de los clientes habituales del restaurante han vuelto. La COVID-19 se ha relajado y el negocio se recupera. Read more

At Henry J’s Taco House in Des Moines, Iowa, co-owner Linda Rivas says a lot of the restaurant’s regular customers are back. COVID has eased its grip, and business picking up. Read more

Editor’s Note: It’s always exciting for us to read the nominations for our annual Jarritos/el Restaurante Manager of the Year Contest, and this year the pool included many managers of Mexican/Latin restaurants who kept their restaurants thriving thro Read more

Siempre es una gran satisfacción para nosotros leer las nominaciones para nuestro concurso anual al mejor Gerente de Restaurante del Año/Jarritos. Este año, el jurado incluyó a muchos gerentes que lograron que sus restaurantes florecieran a pesar de Read more

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Con la llegada de la temporada navideña, los cocteles calientes y las bebidas dulces comienzan a hacer despliegue de su atractivo, lo cual incluye a las bebidas alcohólicas elaboradas con café. De hecho, ya sea frío o caliente, el café se está volvie Read more

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When the holiday season rolls around, the appeal of hot cocktails and dessert-y drinks starts brewing — and that includes spirited beverages crafted with coffee. In fact, whether it’s hot or cold, coffee is becoming a popular ingredient on cocktail m Read more

The first Cocina Sabrosa, which ended on Tuesday in Long Beach, California, was packed with energy, good vibes, and interesting products. It was a professionally run event that was solidly focused on the Mexican/Latin restaurant business. Congratulat Read more

Hace aproximadamente una década, el mezcal, que es el precursor ahumado y rústico del tequila, empezó a llamar la atención de los expertos en agave y de los bartenders. Ahora, se ha consolidado como una categoría de bebidas alcohólicas, y todo parece Read more

About a decade ago, mezcal—tequila’s smoky, rustic forbearer—started arousing curiosity among die-hard agave connoisseurs and bartenders. Now, it has come into its own as a spirits category — and by all indications, it isn’t going anywhere but up. Read more

Editor’s Note: Wow, we were overwhelmed with the response to our first contest honoring independent Mexican restaurant owners. We received nearly 700 nominations! It was difficult choosing the winners, but in the end these three topped the rest. They Read more

Sean Ryan is the founder of Simply Agave™ and Lethal™ Mezcal, both of which emerge from Mexico’s agave fields. In this interview he explains the origins of these brands and how they’re interconnected. Read more

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Photo by David Katz on behalf of Masienda

“The basis of everything we do at Suerte can be found in our heirloom corn tortillas with mouth-watering masa appeal.” With that proclamation, Suerte restaurant in Austin, Texas, sums up the status of the one ingredient found in virtually every Mexic Read more

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Photo by David Katz on behalf of Masienda

"La esencia de todo lo que hacemos en Suerte se encuentra en nuestras tradicionales tortillas de maíz hechas con una deliciosa masa". Con esta frase, el restaurante Suerte de Austin, Texas, describe la importancia de un ingrediente que se encuentra Read more

Are you looking for some interesting new Latin products to enhance your restaurant’s menu? Then you’ll definitely want to visit Cocina Sabrosa, the new trade show for Latin restaurants. The event, October 4-5 in Long Beach, California, features a lon Read more

Karla Garcia and her brother, Juan Carlos Garcia, recently moved their family's restaurant, Tecalitlan, from its original location in Chicago's West Town neighborhood after 48 years to a new location in trendy Lincoln Park. Ed Avis, el Restaurante's Read more

Cocktails are a major part of the experience in many Mexican/Latin restaurants. A new contest co-sponsored by Jarritos and el Restaurante magazine is designed to encourage creativity among mixologists. Read more

When COVID shut down the world last March, Tito’s Tacos in Los Angeles did as thousands of restaurants did: They greatly expanded their delivery business. But rather than use one of the many delivery apps – GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. – they created thei Read more

Rubio’s Coastal Grill was a trendsetter in early 1990s with its fish tacos and overall lighter Mexican fare. The chain grew to over 200 locations at one point, but too-rapid expansion plans and COVID shutdowns forced the company into bankruptcy last Read more

On October 2, 1882, 38 families from Veneto, a region in northern Italy, founded Chipilo, about ten miles west of Puebla. The Mexican government had recruited them—and other Europeans—hoping they’d modernize the country’s agricultural sector. The Ita Read more

The past year has presented countless challenges to Mexican/Latin restaurants, but a new one is emerging: Many are having trouble hiring enough staff to gear up for the summer season. Read more

COVID has been the big story across the restaurant industry over the past year, and the crisis damaged many multi-unit Mexican restaurants. But for many of the 50 largest Mexican multi-units, the damage was less than for many smaller operators. In fa Read more

Editor Kathleen Furore and Publisher Ed Avis reached out to three el Restaurante readers to find out how they weathered the COVID-inflicted challenges of 2020 and how they’re moving ahead with hope in 2021. Read more

Sí, Virginia, hay vida después de las fiestas, además de más razones para que tus clientes saboreen cócteles calientes. Las versiones calientes de las bebidas favoritas de los bares están preparadas para volver en 2021, según "Do The Hustle", un info Read more

Yes, Virginia, there is life after the holidays—along with more reasons for your customers to savor heated cocktails. Hot versions of favorite bar drinks are poised for a comeback in 2021, according to “Do The Hustle,” a report about 2021 food, bever Read more

The Latino Restaurant Association, a Los Angeles-based trade group founded in 2018, stepped up to help restaurants during COVID and has big growth plans for 2021. Read more

We are always delighted to receive photos from the winners and runners-up of our annual Jarritos/el Restaurante Manager of the Year Contest! Read more

Pez Cantina in Los Angeles, like many Mexican restaurants, started selling cocktails to-go when the State of California allowed them last spring. The bottled cocktails, which adhere to the restaurant’s high quality standards, have helped ease the blo Read more

Who is the hero of 2020? In a terrible year for the world, and especially for restaurants, one hero stands out: The community. In countless examples, community members stepped up and helped save our readers’ businesses when COVID threatened to shut t Read more

Canned hard seltzers, wine cocktails, ciders and various mixed libations—once banned behind any reputable bar—are converting skeptical consumers with creative flavors, bold packaging and clever branding. But can cocktails in cans really play a profit Read more

Los refrescos alcohólicos, cocteles de vino, sidras y varias bebidas mezcladas en lata (alguna vez prohibidas detrás de cualquier bar de renombre) están transformando a clientes escépticos con sabores creativos, envases audaces y marcas ingeniosas. Read more


Managers are absolutely essential in the world of Mexican restaurants, and that has never been more true than during this bizarre year. That’s why el Restaurante and Jarritos are so pleased to honor the best managers of Mexican/Latin restaurants in t Read more

At the very end of October, stalls filled with pan de muerto—bread of the dead—spring up in markets all around Mexico. The bread is made only a few days before Day of the Dead and actually refers to three types of bread. Read more

Karla Garcia remembers well the woman who ran into her restaurant, Tecalitlan Mexican Restaurant in Chicago, without a mask and asked for her takeout order. Garcia pointed to the “No Mask, No Service” sign and politely asked the woman to don her mask Read more

Thousands of Mexican restaurants have been hammered by COVID, but some have actually seen business increase. One is El Tequileño, a four-unit restaurant in the Denver area. Read more

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