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2019 Media Kit CoverWelcome! The Mexican and Latin restaurant industry in the United States accounts for $39 billion in annual retail sales, according to CHD Expert, and the best way to promote your products in that market is through el Restaurante magazine!

We offer remarkable values on bundle packages that make connecting to the world of Mexican and Latin restaurants easier and more affordable than ever. To learn about these opportunities, please visit the 2019 media kit today.

Please look over the kit and consider how we can work together in 2019. Contact me at edavis@restmex.com (708-218-7755) or editor Kathleen Furore at kfurore@restmex.com (708-267-0023) with any questions.

Let el Restaurante be your marketing partner and help your business grow in 2019!

Best regards,
Ed Avis



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