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Leo Gong

Recipe for gluten-free tacos made with avocados Read more

Tortas and Tacos

If your customers like guacamole, you know that avocado prices have spiked recently. Data show that in the week beginning July 1, wholesale prices for avocados arriving from Mexico were 129 percent higher than the same week last year. Read more

Recipe for a salad with mangos, avocados, and queso Read more

Salad Recipes

A salad with sweet potatoes, corn, beans, and avocado Read more

Salad Recipes

Recipe for taquitos made with pork belly and avocado salsa Read more

Tortas and Tacos

Recipes for guacamole made with crab, queso fresco, and pomegranate Read more


Mexican restaurants use a lot of avocados, primarily in guacamole but also in many other dishes. So it’s no surprise that the recent giant price increases in avocados have hit Mexican restaurants hard. Read more

Recipe for a burger with chorizo and avocado Read more

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