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If there was a way you could pump up profits and tap potential new customers, would you jump at the chance? If so, adding a catering component to your business is something to consider. more

Want to expand your restaurant to new locations? Here are five questions to ask before making the leap. more

Taco Pacifico looks like any small taco restaurant, with its desert-themed décor, faux clay tile roof, and sizzling griddle full of authentic Mexican cuisine. But Taco Pacifico has four things most taco joints do not—wheels. more


As the economy slowly rises out of recession, the options for restaurant financing are also slowly rising, too. But before you sign the paperwork, read this article. more

Con la lenta recuperación de la recesión económica, las opciones de financiación también aumentan poco a poco. more

Baby Boomers are going out to restaurants more than ever before, according to data from NPD Group. How do you attract Boomers to your restaurant? Here are five tips: more

If your restaurant is like most, you probably are happy about every dollar left in your bank account at month’s end. Managing purchasing procedures can boost that total. We’ve uncovered four tips that any Mexican restaurant owner can quickly apply. more

Si su restaurante es como la mayoría, probablemente le hará feliz cada dólar que le quede en el banco a final de mes. La administración del proceso de compra puede aumentar esa suma. more

Mexican restaurant food is great for take-out, and millions of Americans know it. Here are five tips to help you maximize your take-out business, from setting up a devoted take-out space to using green packaging. more

Social media is essential for success in the restaurant business, and many Mexican restaurants are doing things right. Here are seven tactics you can apply to your restaurant, from getting staff involved to promoting offers. more

At el Restaurante Mexicano, we’ve been having fun surfing the web looking for good Mexican restaurant sites. We found seven things that the best sites do well. more

Business Tips

Do you trust your distributor too much? Forget to inspect deliveries? Pay top price for every item? These are just three of the common purchasing errors explained in this article. Read this article and save money! more

Mexican restaurants that go "green" discover that it's good for business. more

Business Tips

Today’s state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) systems, tablet computer ordering systems, and text-based and social media marketing programs can enhance customers’ experience and your bottom line. more

Business Tips

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